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The human brain consolidates various pieces of information about the mind and body and then deploys these pieces of information into action. When brain function is disrupted, a wide range of problems appear in the mind and body.


In order to examine these problems, we at Kodama’s laboratory (TK-Lab) conduct component and frequency analyses using non-invasive brain function examinations (i.e. quantitative electroencephalogram analyses). We also use applied brainwave imaging analyses (i.e. LORETA, microtate segmentation analysis, Livo, EEGLAB, etc.), autonomic nervous system analyses, and saliva biomarkers to examine these problems from the perspective of neurophysiology, particularly as it relates to rehabilitation.


Through these experiments, we aim to establish protocols for neurological rehabilitation to assist in the redevelopment of neural function in people with impaired brain function.




【2022/4/1】New members have jointed TK Lab!

Link to: TK Lab Members

【2022/2/25】TK Lab has started collaborative research with Suntory Wellness Ltd.

【2021/10/31】Suntory Wellness Ltd. has published the "White Paper on Feeling Age 2022" supervised by Prof. Kodama.

Link to: White Paper on Feeling Age 2022 

【2021/10/31】Our research paper was published in Physical Therapy Japan.

The Effects of Temporal and Spatial Changes in Motor Imagery of Walking on Brain Neural Activity  Article

【2021/10/2】Our research paper was published in Brain Sciences.

Evaluation of Intervention Effectiveness of Sensory Compensatory Training with Tactile Discrimination Feedback on Sensorimotor Dysfunction of the Hand after Stroke  Article

【2021/7/13】Our research paper was published in Japanese J of Health Promotion and Physical Therapy.

Modulations of muscle activity in the elderly during transient lateral floor transition with handgrip holding and temporal instructions

【2021/6/20】Our research paper was published in JPTS.

Usefulness of Cognitive Function Evaluation Using an Inhibition Task for Community-dwelling Elderly Article

【2021/6/11】Dr. Kodama's article was published in Impact.

Development of a multi-sensory stimulation therapy device for the realization of tailor-made neurorehabilitation Article

【2021/4/11】Our research paper was published in Japanese J of Health Promotion and Physical Therapy.

Effect of Disturbance Instruction Against Lateral Floor Transition on Muscle Activity of Lower Limb Muscles

【2021/2/1】Our research paper was published in Healthcare.

Age-Related Changes in the Response of Finger Skin Blood Flow during a Braille Character Discrimination Task Article 

【2020/12/31】Dr. Kodama's paper was published in JSKE.

Considering Smell from Electroencephalography Study Article 

【2020/10/12】Our research paper was published in Gerontology and Geriatric Medicene.

Psychological and Neurophysiological Effects of Robot Assisted Activity in Elderly People with Cognitive Decline 

【2020/4/1】TK Lab has started collaborative research with Konica Minolta, Inc. 

【2020/3/25】TK Lab has started collaborative research with FANCL Corporation


Takayuki Kodama, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Kyoto Tachibana University,

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